Dishonored Blink VFX

Recreating the blink VFX from Dishonored in VR using Unreal Engine. Prototyping To begin with I’ll start building the fr

Punchbag VR

Getting a better understanding of hand physics in VR & Unreal Engine. Starting with a basic punching bag.

Soul VR Shader

Absolutely loved Pixars Soul Movie and was really inspired by the colours and shaders used. I’m going to explore recreat

VR VFX Lightning Bolt

Exploring VR VFX and having lightning bolts coming from your hands

Hadouken VR

Exploring recreating Street Fighter moves in VR

Groot VR Hands

Having some fun creating my own VR hands inspired by Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Oculus Hand Tracking

Learning Blender

After years of being comfortable in C4D I need to get the finger out and learn Blender. Tutorial from:

Bolt Playground

Messing around learning Bolt visual scripting in Unity but applying actions on cubes and binding them to the keyboard keys.

VR Workshop: Control Desk

Building a VR controller desk using an Atari, PS4 and Xbox controllers as a base

VR Workshop: Atari 2600 Joystick

VR Workshop: Hands

Exploring the concept of allowing the user to switch between hand models using a device on their wrist.

VR Workshop: Basic Components

Building myself a virtual workshop where I can explore & prototype concepts.

Animal Controller in Unity

Humaniod controllers are relatively easy with Unity but I’ve always had difficulty with trying to control animals and ot

Bolt and Unity VFX Graph

Exploring combining Unitys VFX graph and the visual scripting Bolt. Tutorial from

AI exploration using Bolt

Finally bit the bullet and bought Bolt for @unity3d. I really need to get the speed I can prototype in Unreal with visual scri

Game Jam: 5 Minute Hero

Exploring a fire/water element gun for the weekly game jam

Exploring 3D Interactive Widgets in Unreal Engine

With an eye on creating VR interfaces I’m exploring how to create interactive widgets in a 3D space. The goal is to crea

Widgets in Unreal Engine

Aiming to exploring interaction user interfaces in a VR 3D space but first I need to get the basic down in Unreals UMG system.

Pencil Shader

Exploring a shader that gives the impression of hand drawn in a 3D space,