About Me

Hi, my name is Shane. An Irish expat based in Sweden, bringing new tech & concepts to life. Recently joined ustwo after 12 years at Sony. Knee deep in UI/UX, visuals, animations, 3D, VR/AR & game engines. 

I’ve designed UI/UX for mobile, desktop, smartwear, VR & AR experiences, interactive projections, concept technology, concept art for Sony movies and loads more. All experienced by millions of people worldwide.

I’m confident in designing a UI. Using modern UX techniques to create a user friendly experience. Using my 3D skills to lift up the visuals and my animation skills to bring it to life. Then using my game engine knowledge to jump in and prototype.

I’m a father of 2 young boys who give me loads of inspiration and energy. They are a constant reminder to offer people amazing experiences and to have some fun creating it.

Want to chat, ping me on Twitter @shanedoherty or Email me@shanedoherty.com

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