Soul VR Shader

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques.

Absolutely loved Pixars Soul Movie and was really inspired by the colours and shaders used. I’m going to explore recreating those in Unreal Engine & to be experienced in VR.

Pixars @levork shared the process:

Characters has 3 features.
1. Base material
2. Gradient fresnel creating blur
3. Outline of the details such as glassed and folds

The world itself has a blue/purple tone that I’d also love to recreate.

Recently watched Pixar’s Soul movie and just thought it was incredible. The story, the characters, the message, the visuals… amazing!
For fun I’ve created & prototyped ‘The Great Before’ for a VR experience. Fun little
Made in @UnrealEngine


Tweaking colours and adding buildings

Daily 21.01.28 /// 384 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Tweaking landscape to match the movie

Daily 21.01.27 /// 383 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Stairway now in Unreal

Daily 21.01.26 /// 382 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Building up the shaders needed

Daily 21.01.22 /// 381 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Bringing the earth into Unreal Engine

Daily 21.01.21 /// 380 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Modelling the drop off area.

Daily 21.01.20 /// 379 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Adding a vertical gradient to the grass to match that of the movie.

Daily 21.01.19 /// 378 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Adding in trees

Daily 21.01.18 /// 377 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Bringing the landscape into Unreal and tweak the lighting

Daily 21.01.15 /// 376 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Putting the landscape together in Blender using the AND Landscape Add-on

Daily 21.01.14 /// 375 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR
Tried adding an outline using a smaller fresnal to give a feeling of the hand drawn line. Needs more refining.

Daily 21.01.13 /// 374 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR
Building the world in Unreal

Daily 21.01.12 /// 373 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR
Just getting started by setting up the VR projects and building a base material, colour picking from the reference material

Daily 21.01.11 /// 372 // Souls VR Shader / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Movie Reference