Dishonored Blink VFX

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques. Recreating the blink VFX from Dishonored in VR using Unreal Engine.


To begin with I’ll start building the framework on the ‘Blink’, the object that we will be teleported to. UnrealCG has a great tutorial to get the ball rolling.

Cleaning up the Blink teleport animation.

Daily 21.05.03 /// 397 // Blink VR / #gamedev #madewithunreal 

Blink partical system now attached and rigged up to the teleport system.

Daily 21.04.20 /// 396 // Blink VR / #gamedev #madewithunreal 

Adding the rotating lines and tweaked the speed.

Daily 21.04.11 /// 395 // Blink VR / #gamedev #madewithunreal #VR

Base of the animation done, next up is to have some quicker swirling lines within

Daily 21.04.08 /// 394 // Blink VR / #gamedev #madewithunreal #VR

Started the circular base of the blink object and some particles.

Daily 21.03.29 /// 393 // Blink VR / #gamedev #madewithunreal #VR