AI exploration using Bolt

Finally bit the bullet and bought Bolt for @unity3d. I really need to get the speed I can prototype in Unreal with visual scripting into Unity. Really wish this was built in and more of a fundamental part of Unity. This will be my dumping ground as I learn the tool. Tutorial from

Seem to have made a football game where everyone’s afraid of the ball.

Daily 19.09.16 /// 301 // Bolt / @unity3d #madeinunity #gamedev

Funny how much life a simple ‘look at’ command can bring to an object.

Daily 19.09.13 /// 300 // Bolt / #madeinunity #gamedev

Wrapping my head around Bolt visual scripting after years in UE4 Blueprints. Some very basic animations coming your way, buckle up ?

Daily 19.09.12 /// 299 // Bolt / #madeinunity #gamedev