Angry Worm

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques.

Excited about this one. Something that’s been bugging me as I level up in 3D is mytexturing and UV mapping skills. I’m now going to tackle this head on by learning the industrial standard texturing design tool. Substance Painter. 
I’ve seen that this is used in a lot of AAA games including Uncharted 4. I game I’ve played and was blown away with the texturing and environment design. Now to dive and see how this works.

Completed: Well that was great fun, my first experience using Substance Painter. First a daunting program on first impression but very quickly everything falls into place and makes sense. The layering is key and making sure you have good UV mapping of your mesh. Not only looking forward to coming back to learn more but see this being used in my day to day 3D work. Enjoy the angry worm folks!

Daily 18.01.15 /// 44 // angry worm / #substancepainter #pluralsight

Today’s 1hr daily. Let’s give this angry gummy little guy some stanking teeth. I brought in the teeth mesh and used a base fill layer to give it some colour. Then overlay a grunge mask and apply some height to it.

Daily 18.01.14 /// 43 // teeth / #substancepainter #pluralsight

Nice gooey one today… eyeballs. Adding eyeballs to the character using brushes for the redness and some height for the veins. Poly filling for the pupil and iris. 

Daily 18.01.13 /// 42 // eyeballs / #substancepainter #pluralsight

Mixture of things in today’s 1hr daily. Some colour correction to filth the angry worm up a bit that then adding some additional height to roughen him up and look less glossy. Masking out the mouth and eye sockets so it keeps the wet feeling.

Daily 18.01.11 /// 41 // colour correction + height / #substancepainter #pluralsight

So after starting on the mouth yesterday today I focused on a base layer for the skin, top and bottom. I’ve used projection painting to paint onto the mesh. This should be a nice base to build on.

Daily 18.01.10 /// 40 // projection painting / #substancepainter #pluralsight

Began painting the angry worms mouth. Using tones of red with plenty of shine so it feels wet. Darker reds to emphasis the folds and then adding an additional roughness layer so the shine catches the raised areas. 

Daily 18.01.09 /// 39 // mouth / #pluralsight #substancepainter

Starting my 1 hour dailies now learning Substance Painter. To begin with I’ve imported the mesh, normals & AO maps. Had a little browse around the UI, top level settings and what brushes/materials are available. For my daily, I’ll learn how to paint this angry little beauty.

Daily 18.01.08 /// 38 // import / #pluralsight #substancepainter