Punchbag VR

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques. Getting a better understanding of hand physics in VR & Unreal Engine. Starting with a basic punching bag.

Built a fun little stress relieving VR prototype. A punching bag surrounded by walls that have visual effects and react to the music your playing. Great little motivator.
Made in @UnrealEngine

Daily 21.02.11 /// 392 // Punchbag VR / #gamedev #madewithunreal #VR

4 wall EQs set up

Daily 21.02.10 /// 391 // Punchbag VR / #gamedev #madewithunreal #VR

Adding back wall EQ

Daily 21.02.09 /// 390 // Punchbag VR / #gamedev #madewithunreal #VR
Added a little reactive music wall to my punching prototype. Doesn’t improve your fitness but 110% makes you feel more like a badass.

Daily 21.02.08 /// 389 // Punchbag VR / #gamedev #madewithunreal #VR

Animating materials

Daily 21.02.05 /// 389 // Punchbag VR / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR
Excited about this one and adding some visuals to my prototype. Audio visuals turned out to be a lot easier to grasp them I thought. Great tutorial below

Daily 21.02.04 /// 388 // Punchbag VR / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Building myself a little safe space to visualise and punch stuff. Really want to get some music in there and have it reactive next.

Daily 21.02.03 /// 387 // Punchbag VR / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Setting up the rope physics

Daily 21.02.03 /// 386 // Punchbag VR / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR

Sketched a punchbag and stand in Gravity Sketch

Daily 21.02.01 /// 385 // Punchbag VR / #gamedev @UnrealEngine #VR