Game Jam: Get Dem Cards

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques.

My first game jam:

Theme is GDC, the game industry and ‘Minimalism’. My game idea is someone without a ticket bursting into the conferencero hand out business cards to everyone before the guard catches you 🙂

Just finished making my first game & game jam.
What you are looking at is my Google search history during the game jam in reverse around, from panic delivery to fluffy pie in sky shader ideas ?

Game here;
@unity3d #madewithunity #gamedev

First game done and dusted. Looks horrible, plays like a turd but it’s done. Happy days, onwards and upwards. #notGDCJam2019

Daily 19.03.20 /// 227 // first game / #madewithunity #gamedev

Day 2 on my first game jam #notGDCJam2019.
A gamedev with no #GDC ticket bursts in & collects as many business cards before the guards stop her.
Concept is ‘minimalism’ so the map is just the actual floorplan ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Daily 19.03.19 /// 225 // characters & cards / #gamedev

Game idea for #notGDCJam2019. You’ve no ticket to GDC so you burst in with the goal to hand out as many business cards before the guards catch you ?

Daily 19.03.18 /// 224 // game jam / #notGDCJam2019 #madewithunity #gamedev

The GDC floorplan