Sci-Fi Crate

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques.

Experimenting with Substance Painter

Finally, throwing some emissive lights in there to complete the sci-fi crate feel. 

Daily 18.02.05 /// 60 // emissive lights / #substancepainter

Back on it. Time to finish off the top of the crate with some grungy, worn battered metal. Few decals and off we go.

Daily 18.02.05 /// 58 // base metal top / #substancepainter

Daily no.2 back in Substance Painter and it’s time to apply a base metal to my sci-fi crate. Red and grey paint, broken and peeling. Then some rust and dirt on top.

Daily 18.02.01 /// 58 // base metal / #substancepainter

Enjoyed that. Started off my new Substance Painter daily by applying loads of alphas to a pretty boring crate to give it some detailed height and interesting components. Now we have ourselves a sci-fi crate ready to paint 

 Daily 18.01.31 /// 57 // alphas / #substancepainter