Maze Game in Unity

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques.

My love of 3D & motion design all comes from the fact that I’ve been playing computer games since I got an Amstrad PC back in the 80s with games on cassettes (feeling old). Right through to Atari, Mega Drive, Nintendos, PlayStation, Xbox, back to PlayStation. I’ve always had a game on the go and the quality of progress has been amazing. Now to dive in and do it myself.
Unreal Engine v UnityThis gave me a headache. Where to start? After some research I’ve decided to start with Unity. I’m no C# programmer but the community and support of Unity is what I need to get started. Plus after trying both for a few days, Unreal is a beast of a program that is overkill for me as a noob and my computer processing power. Unity won this round. 

Building a terrain, build a simple maze  and apply materials.

Add character, parent a camera and add character movement script.

Another exploration. Swapped the wooden maze for a dirt road, and the character for a sports car… now we’re talking!!

Ok! Back to the maze…
Bringing in a character.

Include idle animation.

Include a running animation.

Add some GUI text to show the remaining time and ‘You Win!’ text. Script both in C#