Metaverse Space: Galactic Guitar VR

Dailies: My goal for 2022 is to create a collection of metaverse spaces focusing on fun VR prototypes. Blocked out in Gravity Sketch, designed in Blender and brought to lift in Unreal Engine. All metaverse spaces will be uploaded to Github for anyone to try out, experiment and hopefully have some fun.

Video: To try something new for the year, I’m going to try creating a short vlog for each daily to help explain to others how I get from initial sketches to workable prototypes. I will keep that updated here on YouTube:


Taking a step back to think about how I’m going to tackle this prototype I’m thinking that I would to view it in the Oculus Quest. I will do an initial sketch in Gravity Sketch and then build it out in Blender and Unreal Engine.

Sketching in Gravity Sketch

First metaverse VR prototype for the year off and running. Inspired by @TheArtfulEscape, you’ll be able to slide down a galactic hill wailing on your guitar. Blocked out in @GravitySketch.

Daily 22.01.03 /// 437 // Wailing VR / #vr #metaverse #gravitysketch #gamedev

Bringing into Unreal Engine

Initial @GravitySketch blocking now brought into Unreal Engine 5 (I know!). Next up messing around with the shaders and all the good stuff.

Daily 22.01.05 /// 438 // Galactic Guitar VR / #vr #metaverse #gravitysketch #gamedev

Creating planets

Daily 22.01.10 /// 439 // Planet Shaders / #vr #metaverse #UnrealEngine #gamedev