VR Workshop: Atari 2600 Joystick

Making sure that whatever way you grab the Atari joystick it snaps to the correct handheld position. ??️

Daily 20.02.27 /// 337 // VR Workshop / @UnrealEngine #madeinunreal #gamedev #VR #UX

Small wins are always the best. Figuring out how to add small hand positioning so you can grip the joystick in a way to press the button with your thumb. Took me 2 days!! ?

Daily 20.02.26 /// 336 // VR Workshop / @UnrealEngine #madeinunreal #gamedev #VR #UX

Figured out how to drop and remove the animation

Played animation worked on entry but couldn’t kill it on dropping item. Think I need to do all this in the motion controller and have a variable isJoystick. Add a grab joystick animation and press button animation into the animation sequencer.
Trying to attach the joystick to the hand appropriately so I can press the button with an animation. Didn’t work. Next try changing the animation of the skeletal mesh.

Daily 20.02.25 /// 335 // VR Workshop / @UnrealEngine #madeinunreal #gamedev #VR #UX

Great explanation on how to align objects in your VR hands

Atari 2600 VR joystick still a bit buggy but getting there.

Daily 20.02.24 /// 334 // VR Workshop / @UnrealEngine #madeinunreal #gamedev #VR #UX

Great tutorial on understanding joints

Got my low poly Atari 2600 joystick back into Unreal. Time to get it working and hopefully interact with something.

Daily 20.02.20 /// 333 // VR Workshop / @UnrealEngine #madeinunreal #gamedev #VR #UX

Cleaned the Atari joystick down from 81000 polys to 2900

Daily 20.02.19 /// 332 // VR Workshop / @maxon3d #gamedev #VR #UX

Next up in my wee VR workshop, I’m gonna build a table of controllers starting with my very first controller back in the 80s. The Atari 2600 joystick. Where it all began ?

Daily 20.02.17 /// 330 // VR Workshop / @UnrealEngine #madeinunreal #gamedev #VR #UX