VR Visual Prototyping

Dailies: Taking my next batch of dailies to level up my VR/AR design skills and exploring visual concepts.

Prototyping trekking through snow in VR. Kind of loses the immersion as I’m in 20+ degree Sweden in shorts. ?VR connected fans?

Daily 19.07.16 /// 286 // VR snow trekking / #vr #prototype #gamedev

Prototyping Doctor Who ‘Wheeping Angels’ in VR where statues move whilst you’re not looking. Always found that terrifying.

Daily 19.07.15 /// 285 // VR wheeping angels / #vr #prototype #gamedev

Me again, messing about with the senses in VR. Here you are placed in the middle of a grid of zombies. At a random time, 1 random zombie will turn and make a run for you… no I don’t hate people, why do you ask.

Daily 19.07.12 /// 284 // VR shiiiiiit / #vr #prototype #gamedev

Recreating this iRobot scene in VR to get that feeling of being surrounded by clones… and it’s fucking weeeeird peeps

Daily 19.07.11 /// 283 // VR clones / #vr #prototype #gamedev

There’s something magical about creating particle systems and walking through them in VR room scale.

Daily 19.07.09 /// 282 // VR particle / #vr #prototype #gamedev

Viewing yourself in a blueprint type shader

Daily 19.07.08 /// 281 // VR blueprint / #vr #prototype #gamedev

Viewing head on

Super inspired playing Journey from @thatgamecompany last night, how awesome the sand looked and interacted with the wind. Thought I’d visualise and see how it feels in VR.

Daily 19.07.03 /// 280 // VR windstorm / #vr #gamedev

What you’re actually seeing…

Exploring some visuals in a VR space. Here you are swinging around a flaming sword… a tad disorientating ?

Daily 19.07.02 /// 279 // fire sword / #vr #gamedev

What you’re actually seeing

Daily 19.07.01 /// 278 // VR wakeup view / #vr #gamedev

Daily 19.07.01 /// 278 // VR wakeup / #vr #gamedev