2D in Unity

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques.

Exploring 2D in Unity, using tutorials & assets from Unity Tutorials

The 2D kit on the @unity3d asset store has some stunning visuals and animations free to play with.

tut: https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/s/2d-game-kit

Daily 19.02.05 /// 195 // 2d level design / #madewithunity #gamedev

Getting back into 2D game creation in @unity3d, love how simple the tile palette is to layout your level. Really let’s you focus on the visuals.

tut: https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/2d-game-kit/painting-level?playlist=49633

Daily 19.02.04 /// 194 // tile palette / #madewithunity #gamedev

Digging into 2D side of @unity3d for first time. Always seem to drift to 3D. Nice little kit in the asset store to mess about with, with all the trimmings if you’re also a complete 2D #gamedev noob


Daily 19.02.01 /// 193 // 2d kit 1 / #madewithunity