Dive into ProGrids, Probuilder & Polybrush

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques.

Next up in my @unity3d ProCore dailies it’s learning the Polybrush tool.
Like the other 2 it’s really simple and I’ll be definitely using this to spice up my greyboxing scenes. Muchas gracias

Daily 18.11.13 /// 162 // polybrush / #madewithunity #gamedev

Finishing up the @unity3d ProBuilder dailies.
Great to know I can greybox a scene in minutes to prototype.
Such a well designed tool, that and ProGrids a must have in all my future projects.

Daily 18.11.12 /// 161 // probuilder greybox / #madewithunity #gamedev

More fun figuring out ProBuilder.
Not much to look at here but a great quick prototyping and whiteboxing tool.

Daily 18.11.07 /// 160 // probuilder house / #madewithunity #gamedev

Ok so after yesterdays dive into @unity3d ProBuilder my OCD was kicking off.
I was making scenes but nothing was snapping and it was bugging the crap out of me.
Todays 1hr was spent learning ProGrids…. and breathe
Daily 18.11.06 /// 159 // progrids / #madewithunity #gamedev

Very basic daily today and that’s to wrap my head around @unity3d probuilder.
Great tool for white boxing and laying the foundations.
I’ll spend the rest of the week diving deeper ?⛏️?
Daily 18.11.05 /// 158 // probuilder intro / #madewithunity #gamedev