Unity Physics Fundamentals

Dailies: Taking an hour each day to prototype and learn new techniques.

Final part of the physic fundamentals, wheel colliders. Pretty straightforward, tricky part is adjusting the forward and sideway friction to match the material.

Daily 17.12.12 /// 23 // wheel colliders / #pluralsight #madewithunity

That was fun, putting the ragdoll physics around a character. Colliders connect to joints and they collapse on to each other.

Daily 17.12.11 /// 22 // ragdoll physics / #pluralsight #madewithunity

Configurable joints, wow, that was a head scratcher. A lot of parameters in here to bring different types of joints together and to apply sprints, limits, bounciness etc… 

Daily 17.11.30 /// 21 // configurable joints / #pluralsight #madewithunity

Continuing on with hinge joints, giving it a free spin and giving some controls to the min/max rotation. Plus a sexy till bounce. 

Daily 17.11.29 /// 20 // hinge joints free spin / #pluralsight #madewithunity

Today learning about hinge joints. Common bit of physics that allows objects to swing open, spring close and add a bounce. Could imagine this being used a tonne in every scene.

Daily 17.11.29 /// 19 // hinge joints / #pluralsight #madewithunity

“Spring Joints” physics being applied to connect objects together. Possibility to tweak the sprint amount, the tolerance, dampening, collision controls etc. Giving objects more natural weight.

Daily 17.11.28 /// 18 // spring joints / #learnsomethingeveryday #madewithunity

Learning how to connect different elements together using fixed joints and how to disconnect them using break force. 
Daily 17.11.21 /// 17 // fixed joints / #madewithunity

Using rigid body constraints to help a pushed barrel move in a specific direction. Allows me to have more control over the X,Y and Z after collision. 

Daily 17.11.20 /// 16 // rigidbody constraints / #madewithunity

Exploring physics materials and applying to objects to make friction and bounciness more realistic 

Daily 17.11.20 /// 15 // physics materials / #unity #madewithunity

Looking into trigger events and how that works. Dwarf triggers an event passing through a box collider at the gates. This trigger toggles Kinematics of the above rocks… simples.

Daily 17.11.16 /// 14 // trigger events / #unity #madewithunity

Getting into the meat and bones now of @unity3d with collision events. Definitely a powerful bit of scripting that I’ll be using a lot.

Daily 17.11.16 /// 13 // collision events / #unity #madewithunity

Understanding the different types of collider meshes versus performance issues. Use mesh collider & inflate mesh to simplify and lower the poly count.

Daily 17.11.15 /// 12 // colliders / #unity #madewithunity

Getting an understanding of rigid bodies and how mass, drag, angular drag and gravity work together. 

Daily 17.11.14 /// 11 // rigid body / #unity #madewithunity