Bolt AI in Unity

Learning AI using the visual scripting Bolt within Unity. Tutorials from

Finishing up learning the AI states in Bolt. Enemy patrol, chasing and attacking on sight. Animation blend still shady.

Daily 19.09.25 /// 305 // Bolt AI / #madeinunity #gamedev

*presses play to see if the Enemy Attack AI is working
ahhhhhhhhhhh… wtf……. ahhhhhhhhh

Implementing chase AI. Now the enemy on sight will speed up and chase the player. Need some funnier characters, suggestions welcome 😀

Daily 19.09.25 /// 304 // Bolt AI / #madeinunity #gamedev

Prototyping all these years in @Unity has really taught me how to make things look pretty… fast. Taking a demo and an hour grabbing and implementing free stuff from the asset store & Mixamo 👍

Daily 19.09.19 /// 303 // Bolt AI / #madeinunity #gamedev

Learning AI & statemachines using Bolt, searching and detecting enemy AI. Gonna take a while to sink in.

Daily 19.09.17 /// 302 // Bolt AI / @unity3d #madeinunity #gamedev